Friday, June 10, 2011

Queen Street Mall...the Original Paper Bag Man

Got something to say, but not quite sure of the best way to get people's attention? Or just not quite sure how to say it? Or maybe, what you have to say will make you look like such a big tool, that you don't actually want to be recognised? Maybe - you feel that what you have to say is so damn important that you need to say it, but fear the consequences of showing your face.

Whatever the issue - there is now a solution.

Simply place a paper bag, with your message inscribed on it, over your head.

Problem solved. The best part is, since your message is written on the paper bag, if you also speak your message out loud in the middle of, say, Queen Street Mall, you are catering for both the deaf (through the writing on said accessory) and the blind (through your voice) - as well as everyone else. Champion.


  1. I really enjoyed this one Vicki. I wish that the writing was big enough to read. It just makes me curious. You wonder what goes through people's heads or what motivates them to not just even think about doing this, but having the courage to go through with the action. And then you wonder if anyone actually go the message.

  2. I know, right! I have tried on several occasions to read it, or even to hear what the guy stands there in Queen St Mall saying before he toddles off to work (well I assume that's why he is dressed in a suit every day), paper bag and all!
    I am not sure people are so much taking in the message as they are fascinated by the fact that this dude has a paper bag over his head?!?!

  3. haha this is my fave one!!!