Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Gym

Now, there are many an outfit I see at the gym worthy of a blog post of their own. Unfortunately I don't tend to have my camera and/or phone most of the time while training. So one of my lovely friends managed to get one for me on my behalf today.

Firstly, let me begin by saying that I am not really a fan of lycra on men unless they are either swimming or out on the road cycling (or unless they have a body say, like, Vin Diesel). In the gym?? Not a huge fan. Maybe in a Spin class it is acceptable but outside of that - in my humble opinion - not a good look.

That's my start.

But wearing transparent lycra...over the top of what I can only describe as a wrestling-type-overall thing...and tucked into more lycra...well...

I'll let you be the judge...


  1. Oh I wish I had taken some pearler shots(photos) in the gym...this post brings back countless jaw-dropping gym attire memories! Is that guy wearing any underwear? It's hard to see, but it looks as though he's wearing a g-string or something.

  2. Yeah the gym usually contains a plethora of hidden talent - maybe I should start carrying my iPhone around with me while training!
    Hmm not sure about the underwear thing...unfortunately I wasn't privvy to seeing this one first hand, it was sent to me by a nameless friend :)