Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I have had a few special guest contributers of late, and this post brings another. Credit to the lovely Mish for sending through this rather special find from St Kilda in Melbourne:

This, my friends, is what I call a major SCORE!!!

Let's start with the person on the left, let's call her 'Subject A':

This is the lesser of the evils, by a long shot. I can't see much of what she has on but I think if I could, I would probably actually like her dress - it does look quite cute. Unfortunately it is being hidden by what I could only call a very hideous bag. Kind of looks like a sack of potatoes, which appears to be shades of red with blue? flecks. I am thinking we were trying to colour co-ordinate with the red shoes, but missed the colour. By a mile. Shame - I probably would have liked the ensemble otherwise.

Let's now go to the figure on the right, which to save on confusion, I will refer to as 'Subject B'. There is so much going on right here, I'm just gonna start at the top and work my way down.

So Melbourne is cold, and therefore it's natural to rug up, specially in winter. But there is a difference between rugging up, and doing your best Big Bird impersonation (there is, isn't there??)

So then we go to the skirt. Black skirt - not a bad choice. Probably my second favourite part of the outfit (I quite like her bag. Maybe not with the outfit, but I do like it). So we have a canary yellow top matched with a black skirt. The colour combination once again is fine - if you left it at that. When you team them up, and think of animals, you would probably think 'tiger'. Well I would. Unless you then throw some leopard print tights into the mix. Confused much??

But wait...there's more!!

Ankle cowboy boots, complete with badges. I *think* they may be suede (or faux suede) - but whatever. I don't even know if I can comment further on this. I leave it with you, readers.


  1. It was much worse! The boots were plastic gum-boots!

  2. Oh dear!! At first that's what I thought they were but then for some reason at closer look I thought they were cowboy-style!! I have no more words :-/