Sunday, July 17, 2011

...The 'Trendy' Shops...

So of late, I have noticed that some of the more popular clothing retailers are retailing some very interesting fashion lines. Many of which I think make one look like they are draped in, well, curtains. Or a rug.

There is only so much a girl can do on an hour lunchbreak every day, so on days where boredom sets in, or shit days where we need cheering up, me and a colleague will venture out to the world of retail, and play dress ups in the items we find amusing.

So, I give to you, a collection of pictures. Clothes, headwear, and shoes.

Let's start with the shoes...

I give to you, the peeptoe tassel shoes. Unfortunately, due to the black colour of the shoe, the tassel detail is not overly noticeable. But believe me, they are there, in all their glory. Very 90's with chunky heels.

Next, we have the zebra print. Not only is it zebra print, but it is furry, and with wedged heel. Now I know animal print has made a comeback of late, but there are certain things that should have stayed in the zoo. Furry zebra printed wedges included.

Next on the radar is - well - I am not even sure what I would call these. Bowling-shoe-meets-sandle-meets-corset-meets-wedge-heel. Not even sure I need to say any more than that - I will leave the thoughts to you guys.

And now we will move onto head wear.

I am actually blaming Carrie Bradshaw for this one. She can pull off a lot of fashion faux-pas and make them look fashionable, but this is one that should have stayed in the dressing room. The fake turban. Now - I am all for people sporting turbans as part of their tradition - but for goodness sake - it is certainly NOT a fashion statement - and I couldn't care less if Armani himself declared otherwise.

OK - time to remind you all that I live in BRISBANE. That's right - NOT RUSSIA. Brisbane doesn't exactly have the same kind of climate that Eskimos are used to. It's a cute hat but seriously - where the f**k does one wear it?

And finally, the picnic rug-cum-blanket-cum-poncho, teamed with what else but a Panda hat? I mean, why wouldn't you?
I would at this point like to thank my lovely workmate for being a good sport and letting me post her picture (OK so I had to smudge her face to protect her identity - I think more because she didn't want people seeing her dressed like this than anything else).

So, I say, welcome to Brisbane people.


  1. I'd wear the picnic rug-come(you need to revise your spelling here Vicki...the images are too scary of a 'cum' blanket :P)-blanket-come-poncho!

  2. ROTFL!!! ...Hubby and I were in Blackheath (top of the Blue Mountains) the other day having coffee, and in walks this person wearing what looked like a black and red tartan blanket with a belt around her waist...we had a bit of a giggle about it as you do, and left it at that. As we were walking to our car, there was blanket girl again chatting away to some people, and then it hit home. It was Jenny Kee!!! Remember her from back in the 80's? All the crazy woollen jumpers she designed? bahaha! I'd forgotten she lives up here! Obviously her wardrobe hasn't evolved into the 21st Century...wish I'd taken a photo.

  3. Haha Kerry was wondering who was gonna pull me up on that!!!

    Oh Sandra that is hilarious! I can't believe she is still wearing that stuff lol...Isn't it funny, when you want the camera it's never around. I have missed so many classic opportunities. Must remember to at least have my iPhone on me at all times!