Thursday, December 15, 2011

Denim Land

So there I was, minding my own business.

It had been a long day on the wines. Lunch was spent with my new workmates at a lovely little place in Mosman, on the water. I had to have a few glasses, you know, to "bond" with the people I now share an office with and be team player. OK so I am easily encouraged at the moment, and knowing I was catching up with an old friend later that evening at a wine bar, I figured "why not?"

OK...I know, I am getting sidetracked. Just for a change.

So my lovely friend (alco)Holly and I met in Darlinghurst at a pretty cool new wine bar called Love Tilly Devine. Yes, I might be a little obsessed with Underbelly. Anyway, having wanted an excuse to check it out for a while, I suggested we head there. Unfortunately it was closed for a private function. But we did get to have a quick squizz in and it looks awesome. Definitely be checking it out for real soon.

Anyway due to said unforeseen circumstances, we went to another bar Holly knew of, Pocket. Pretty cool place. Great food, and definitely great wine. After polishing off a bottle of Pinot Noir, when the waitress came over and asked if we wanted more wine and my partner in crime looked at me with those "c'mon....another won't kill you" eyes, let's just say I *may* have been easily influenced. So...several wines into the day/night, I looked at my watch and figured that if I wanted to be in any decent state to go to work today, I should probably call it a night. Not all of us have the luxury of being on long service leave *ahem Holly*.

So we walk up to Oxford St so I could hail a cab. Standing at the corner of Oxford and Crown, waiting to cross the road, and I must have had WAY.TOO.MUCH.WINE.....because I stood there, completely oblivious to what can only be described as being someone straight out of the '80s. Actually maybe not even out of the '80s - there is a good chance he is actually stuck there. Permanently.

How I missed this, I will never know.

Lucky I had my trusted friend, alcoHolly, to point out what should have been the obvious. Just in time for me to get a photo.

I present to you....the Denim Bandit.
Yes...that is denim on denim.
Matching colours.
And I very nearly missed it.
So there you have it. Oxford St is well known for it's fashion....but I can't say I have ever seen a denim suit being sported anytime since 1982.