Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marrickville Metro

OK, so it's Marrickville, and I really shouldn't set any kind of bar in terms of expectations. But I think there is a faint line, and I am pretty sure dude below crossed it.

Let's set the scene. It's been about 300 degrees here today. It's still about 300 degrees at 4pm when the photo was taken. Definitely *not* pyjama-all-day weather. If it were, this *may* be *slightly* excusable (not completely though).

And here we have Mr-I'm-Too-Cool-For-A-Shirt, not only walking around the shopping centre topless, but wearing only pyjama pants. Hanging low so you can see the jocks poking out of course.

Worst bit? I am pretty sure the PJ's belonged to his girlfriend. Either that or he is lying to himself in the girlfriend department.


Unless you are under the age of say, 3, pyjamas are not acceptable attire for shopping. Especially baby blue spotted ones.

The end.

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